Exhibitions that inspire


The photo is from the 2015 Nobel Week when Angus Deaton, the year’s Laureate in Economic Sciences, visited the Nobel Museum. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud © Nobel Media 2015.

One vital element of the Nobel Center’s activities will be its exhibitions. Alfred Nobel was convinced that humanity is capable of understanding and solving problems, thereby creating a better world.

For over a century, the Nobel Prize has rewarded the most innovative and significant ideas, the thoughts and hypotheses that have changed the world.

The life stories of the Nobel Laureates are a rich source to draw from. They demonstrate both the inherent ability of people to overcome difficulties and how the joy of creativity experienced
by individuals can lead to improved living conditions for so many. The stories of the Laureates and their contributions provide us with a window into modern human history.

The Nobel Museum in Stockholm has worked with exhibitions the last 15 years. We will take advantage of the Museum’s experience as we now create something entirely new. The
Center’s permanent exhibitions will be devoted to the Nobel Prize fields, the Laureates and their contributions, as well as Alfred Nobel. Its temporary exhibitions will be connected to the
burning issues of the present. As a contribution to current public discourse, small and quickly produced exhibitions may also be displayed. The exhibitions will interact with the Center’s other branches of activity and provide a base for both meetings and school programmes.

During Spring 2015 a cooperation was initiated with Atelier Brückner, with its founder Uwe R. Brückner at the helm. Together with the Nobel Museum, the company has begun the task of planning for the exhibitions that will be displayed at the Nobel Center in Stockholm.