Engaging school programmes


Pupils of Rinkeby School in Stockholm meeting Literature Laureate Svetlana Alexievich during Nobel Week 2015. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud © Nobel Media 2015


The educational activities of the Nobel Center will be based on smooth collaboration with the schools. The Center’s activities will be a useful and attractive resource for teachers. Its school programmes will complement school instruction at all levels, whether in natural science, social science, literature or history. The ambition is for all school children in the Stockholm area to visit the Nobel Center at least once every three years and for all pupils in Sweden to make at least one visit during their schooling.

Education and the schools face major challenges, both in Sweden and elsewhere. One special aspect of this is related to the role of the teaching profession and the challenges that teachers face.

The Nobel Center will take on these issues, both through broad locally targeted activities and by building up Internet-based programmes. These activities will encourage pupils’ desire for involvement and faith in their ability to influence and personally contribute to change.

A memory for life
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