The Space Between

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The space between

Architect: Kjetil Thorsen, Snøhetta (Norway)

Result: Not selected


The work of the Nobel laureates exhibits an amazing level of hard work combined with truly new thinking. All of this with the highest of ideals.

Our proposal defines the identity of the new Nobel Center in terms of the interplay between the known and the unknown.

The design therefore acts as a mediator where landscape and architecture work in unison to give visitors a new urban experience where choice and opportunity are central.

The main mass of the building is located towards the city structure and houses the auditorium, conference facilities and staff areas. It’s counterpoint is a cantilevering structure springing from the quayside and out over Nybroviken. Exhibition areas, library, education and restaurant are located here.

The link between the two volumes is a foyer at lower ground level and a raised space above, open to the sky.

This is the space between, which is simultaneously both and neither, building and landscape, programmed and free. The same space forms part of an open public promenade that folds the quayside up and through the site

An important element of the proposal is to maintain and create new lines of sight.

The view along Blasieholmgatan is opened to the water and the new diagonal promenade that traces the quayside offers view to Strandvägen and to Skeppsholmen.

By locating part of the building over the water, we have designed a large plaza beside the historic Museipark. This plaza is open to the water with views of the islands and long hours of sun throughout the year. It is surrounded by green sloping surfaces as an extension and rejuvenation of the Museipark.

The building has a large foyer space with café and bistro spilling out to the plaza.

Visiting exhibitions are at foyer level with roman seating leading to the upper foyer which is dedicated to the auditorium and conference facilities.

The auditorium is both flexible and formally iconic with gold clad side walls and a stage with the waterfront of Nybroviken as its backdrop.

Permanent exhibitions with education spaces and library are reached by following a wide, shallow stair, which is mirrored by external seating.

The building invites the public to climb to the roof and enjoy spectacular views from a new terrace.

Built of clean white textured concrete with two dramatic golden facades facing the city and the sea respectively, the building materials embody ideas of simplicity and excellence.

We believe that the new Nobel center, the Nationalmuseum and ‘the space between’ will together become an exciting destination for the people of Stockholm and to visitors from around the world.


Pictures: Copyright Nobelhuset AB

The space between

The space between

The Space Between

The space between

The Space Between

The space between