Press release
May 24 2016

Important steps taken towards creating Nobel Center

Our work to create the Nobel Center is continuing. Step by step, important pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. New visual material from David Chipperfield Architects illustrates the latest refinements to the building and its contents.

Lars Heikensten, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation, comments on the latest efforts:

“We are continuing our development work on the Nobel Center in order to be well prepared for construction when the local plan becomes legally binding. Our plans for making the Nobel Center a lively building with large-scale museum activities, school programmes and high-level scientific activities are now even more concrete. Meanwhile our continued collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects has given us more detailed documentation of the building.”

During the spring, a number of crucial decisions concerning the project were made by political leaders in the City of Stockholm. Most recently, in late April, the Stockholm City
Council approved the detailed local plan for the Nobel Center.

“It is always interesting to design buildings with a public dimension. The Nobel Prize has a unique position in the world and the Nobel Center is a fantastic opportunity for Stockholm,
which the city has now decided to realize,” says David Chipperfield.

The latest developments in the Nobel Center project

• A concept for the exhibitions at the Nobel Center has been developed in partnership with the German exhibition design firm Atelier Brückner. In the spring of 2016, these
ideas were examined by an advisory committee consisting of museum directors from different parts of the world. During the years before the opening of the Nobel Center, these exhibition ideas can now be tested at various venues in Stockholm and in travelling exhibitions all over the world. The exhibitions at the Nobel Center will be located on four levels.

• A number of scientific activities have been developed. These include the Nobel Science Lectures, a concept in which world-leading researchers will be invited to the Nobel Center four times per year to discuss current issues. A second is Forskning för folket (Research for the People), which is about organising open popular science seminars all year round. A third is the Nobel Science Networks, in which a group of world-leading researchers in a promising field of research are invited to collaborate during a three-year period.

• After this summer, the task of developing the centre’s school programme will be set in motion. The aim is to enable all children in Sweden to visit the Nobel Center once during their schooling. Via digital tools, these educational activities will also reach out around the world.

• David Chipperfield Architects is unveiling new visual material about the Nobel Center.

• A new wooden model showing the Nobel Center in its surrounding on the Blasieholmen peninsula has been prepared. This model will be on display at the Nobel Museum
in Stockholm to inform the general public about where the Museum’s activities will move to once construction of the Nobel Center has been completed.

• The auditorium has been refined to serve as a venue for different types of open lectures, cultural events and scientific meetings year round.

• To strengthen the public character of the Nobel Center, the restaurant is being moved to the top floor of the building.

• We have ensured that eighty per cent of the floor area in the building will be open to the general public.

• The past six months’ work with a building programme has been completed. This programme is a compilation of documents about the building’s structural and installation
systems and its design. Its purpose is to map out all the conditions that may affect the continued planning of the building.

• The design has been processed, for example, with a more marked entrance along Hovslagargatan and a clearer pillar structure in the otherwise open floor plan.


Pictures are to be found here

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