Competition Jury

The jury assessing the competition proposals consisted of eleven individuals with expertise in architecture, museum activities, construction and real estate matters and Nobel activities – a broad range of specialised knowledge that is of value to the Nobel Center.

During some portions of its assessment work, the jury also called on outside specialists.


Members of the jury

Lars Heikensten, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Nobel Foundation (Chairman)

Olov Amelin, Ph.D., Museum Director, The Nobel Museum

Lars Drangel, M.Sc.Eng., Ramsbury Property AB

Gunnar von Heijne, Ph.D., Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholms University

Marika Hedin, Ph.D., Museum Director, The Vasa Museum

Karolina Keyzer, Architect SAR/MSA, City Architect of Stockholm

Anders Nylander, M.Sc.Eng., former Managing Director, Atrium-Ljungberg

Harriet Wallberg, MD., Ph.D., Member of the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet

Per Wästberg, Writer, Member of the Swedish Academy

Professional judges

Elizabeth Hatz, Architect SAR/MSA, Lecturer, KTH, Architecture

Inga Varg, Architect SAR/MSA, Partner, Varg Arkitekter

Jury’s secretariat

Peter Ohrstedt, Project Director

Elsa Thambert, Project Coordinator
elsa.thambert (at)

Tel. +46 8 663 31 08