• A New Home for the Nobel Prize

  • Ideas changing the world

    At the Nobel Center, the focus will be on the Nobel Prize and the stories of the Nobel Laureates. These are stories of courage, conviction and persistence – stories which prove that ideas can change the world.

  • The Nobel Park

    In connection with the Nobel Center, the City of Stockholm is planning a new open square.

  • A source of knowledge and inspiration

    A broad school programme will encourage learning and stimulate curiosity among school children and students.

  • The Nobel Auditorium

    The Nobel auditorium with large panoramic windows allowing for dramatic views over the city. The auditorium has been refined to serve as a venue for different types of open
    lectures, cultural events and scientific meetings year round.

  • A civic building

    The Nobel Center will be a building seething with activity. It will create a new platform for exhibitions, scientific seminars, lectures and discussions about current topics and events of various kinds

County Administrative Board approves Nobel Center local plan

The Stockholm County Administrative Board has decided to approve the detailed local plan for the Nobel Center on the Blasieholmen peninsula in central Stockholm and to reject the appeals against it. Read more

A brand new type of meeting

What happens when a brain scientist, an artist and a Nobel Laureate meet to discuss the intelligence of the future?

A memory for life

To a schoolchild, meetng a Nobel Laureate and hearing about their work will mean a memory for life. Read more.

A place that engages, inspires and stimulates curiosity

Nobel Center is to be built on Blasieholmen, on a wonderful site along Stockholm’s central waterfront. Through its broad public activities, the Nobel Center will invite people into the Nobel Prize’s unique world of natural sciences, humanities and peace efforts and become a meeting place that inspires curiosity and creativity. The Nobel Prize and the life stories of the Nobel Laureates provide a rich source of inspiration on which the Nobel Center will build its exhibitions, media productions and educational activities. For many years, the City of Stockholm has reserved this site for public activities of international interest. We believe that the Nobel Center will enhance the value of this location and make it more accessible for visitors to Stockholm, as well as its residents. A long-awaited attraction will finally become a reality.

We have an exciting journey ahead of us and welcome everyone to follow our progress!